1962: 21,000 Miles

March has come in like a lion and the experience has grown evermore complex. The giant storm is now far out at sea, but it’s influence continues. Jamaica Plain suffered much damage.

We are now in our third day without heat at 39 Saint John Street. Something I enjoy about this situation. Taken back to the years when life was not filled with conveniences which we now believe are absolutely necessary for good living, and no television to watch and without a myriad of small details for living right in the 21st century. We somehow feel left out of the mainstream and yet it does allow my mind to reflect.

Many years ago I thought of writing a book to be named “Walden Two.” It became apparent to me in traveling around America for 21,000 miles after dropping out of Theology School, that America was divided into many classes. In 1962, my experiences with James Meredith at ‘Ole Miss and other black people in the South were so shaking that I no longer saw the Peace Core as an options. We had too many major problems in America.

However, my conservation roots and love of the Natural World remained as equally important. Without a healthy environment, no humans would live on Nature’s Planet as we know ourselves today. So now i envision writing Walden 3. We have arrived at an ultimate fork in the road. Will we be able to continue the idealistic path that all people should be fee and the inherent right to pursue happiness with some degree of real opportunity. Today, my observation we have reached a new degree of freedom. With smart phones everyone can enter their two cents. However, it appears that expressing our diversity of thought, feelings and actions has not led to understanding.

The views come from observations and reflections from three days of observing the 100 shades of gray in the skies and upon the face of the Natural World around Jamaica Pond, my Walden Pond. The world of thoughts and feelings alone within each human being is of such infinite dimensions, we face immense challenges everywhere to create open and free dialogue. Yes. I find Socratic Dialogue a way to gain great insights, but it is always greatly limited. The shades of grey in physical, emotional and spiritual life is daunting beyond our understanding. From my perspective by the waters of Jamaica Pond where the waters and skies are a constantly changing shades, we have much work to do if we are to keep freedom alive in today’s world.

Now back to 39 St. John to see if progress is being made to bring back electricity, heat and television.

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