198th Birthday Video!

Since 2010, Gerry Wright and members of Community Service Care (CSC), Inc. have been working on programming to honor the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture. This video was created to celebrate what would have been his 198th birthday in anticipation of his 200th birthday on April 26, 2022. Olmsted 2022 is a program under CSC aimed at protecting and preserving our parks and public spaces.

Continuing Legacies

Inspired by Representative Jeffrey Sanchez, we are excited to present a new play about Frederick Law Olmsted depicting his life at age 26 and 76.  Performed by Gerry Wright and Ryan Manganelli. If you are interested in learning more about Olmsted 2022, Friends of Jamaica Pond, and supporting the conservation of Hellenic Hill, please contact…

The Sun Will Rise: October

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The Fog Day

Today was a radical departure from “the fog” at The Pond yesterday… The above was written last evening.  Very challenging days for multiple reasons. Before presenting some of these challenges, let me focus on the three days at The Pond, beginning with Tuesday, the 23: This was the first “Fog Day” of the year at…

1958: Cornell to Boston and a Cold Drizzle

Report from The Pond: A cold drizzle with overcast skies created a chilly feel to the day, which under ordinary circumstance might have brought feelings of a somber silence amidst the frozen  lake with melted snow on the ice covered pone.  However, the morning sunrises during the majority of January’s 21 days have been so…

1950’s: From Westfield to Boston via Cornell

From Westfield, New Jersey, to Maine to Cornell  to Boston:  1952 -1059 Leaving Cornell University and traveling to my new home in Boston had many challenges.  Never thought I would live in a city.  My first college was the University of Maine, a long distance from home n Westfield, New Jersey, a suburban , primarily middle…

Resuming Posts

Hi all, A few changes slowed my progress in posting Olmsted’s musings from his nationwide trip, Passages to Yosemite. In the next few weeks, the remaining posts will make their way up to this site! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy editing them- and you know Gerry enjoyed writing them!…

Wupatki National Monument

  The Wupatki National Monument protects 56 square miles of dry, rugged land on the Southern Colorado Plateau. Here, a part of the Puebloan people called Wupatki lived in the midst of this vast dry area, which included trading routes both north and south, east and west. The choice of a place seemed brilliant from my observation,…